2010 and Creative Freedom!

I am happy to report that 2010 not only brings new opportunity, new experiences and new people but it also brings a brand new Powermatic 3520B wood lathe into the shop on Lakeshore Blvd! After a couple of years of workin gonly on my custom Vicmarc VL100 (a small lathe), I pulled the trigger (on the last day of 2009) on a big lathe. I love my small Vicmarc and will continue to use it but the big machine means I will be back to turning bowls and will no longer be restricted in expression by my machine… which is to say I am now able to make pretty much whatever I can dream up and do not have to worry about the lathe’s capacity and limitations! My dogs are also excited because this means more cruising the woods for storm damage and dead trees (i.e. chasing squirrels up trees and aimless running)! I can’t wait! I hope the new year and new decade brings good things to you all!!

The new addition!

The new addition!

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Getting back in the shop!

After a very demanding first semester of Nursing school, I am finally getting caught up with the website and back in the shop! Woodturning essentially came to a grinding hault when school started this semester, as I was almost immediately overwhelmed with getting back in the groove of school and embarking on this new journey! I was able to manage only ONE holiday show this year, in Houghton, Mi and I am happy to report it was a smashing success! Success however means that inventory is currently quite low so as I spend the evening shooting pics of new work to post to the site, my mind is wandering to getting back in the shop over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for new images and new work and have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Woodstoppers.com…in the flesh!!

I am super stoked to be blogging on and about the release of woodstoppers.com, as I have been talking about a website for a couple years now and it’s finally done! After an attempt at building the site myself and 10 gallons of coffee and a few gray hairs later I finally decided to let the web guys worry about the website and got in touch with my friend Obadiah Metivier from Middle Ear Media to make it happen! As you cruise the site, you will see there is a photo gallery of new and old work, some of which you will find in the “products” tab. This tab will allow you to click on an individual item and view the details through etsy.com and if you desire, purchase the item! I will try to keep up with the blog as much as possible and will continue to tweak the site and add photos and features so check back often! So take a min and blast through the site…feel free to add a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by!!

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New web site is almost finished!

The new Woodstoppers web site is almost finished! There are just a few more details to take care of. Thanks for your patience.
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